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Pastor Kris Belfils has a heart to see people transformed by the power of God. She has dedicated her life for this very purpose. She is a Counselor and Founder of Hope Counseling. Kris is the Founding Pastor at Hope Fellowship International in Spokane, WA. She also is a Singer/Songwriter with several music CDs available on her music page. Kris has written books to inspire and help our Christian walk. She is black coffee honest and speaks with a powerful edge! You can also visit: Teaching DVDs, articles, Audio Sermons, Podcasts, and more inspirational material to help you in your life.

Revive, Rebuild, and Restore

How often in your spiritual life do you feel dead? Does it seem like your prayers are getting no where? Do you long to be revived and refreshed? There is hope! God wants to bring revival to our personal life, our Churches and the world. It begins with us personally.

We live in a world that throws away dead things. We throw away dead batteries, dead electronics, dead cars, dead relationships, and even dead people. God has the power and ability to make something dead come back to life again. Don’t give up on your life. Your past can have revival if you allow God to heal it. Your present and future can have revival if you take the right steps today.

In this book you will find the keys to help unlock any dead chamber in your life for God to bring His revival. You don’t have to live your life feeling dead! Once revival has come, God wants to rebuild any destruction that has taken place. Just like Nehemiah had a passion to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, so God has a passion to rebuild you. You will find ways to prevent any destruction to happen again. In the process of being rebuilt, God brings restoration. He restores you completely and brings wholeness.

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Brokenness is filled with songs of the heart. Songs crying out to God for His presence to come. Kris' book, "The Garbage Man Always Comes On Fridays" and "Brokenness" were written together. Brokenness is acoustic pop with a rock flare. Watch Kris minister Brokenness.

The Garbage Man Always Comes On Fridays

Kris Belfils knows firsthand what can happen when people make mistakes. In her case, she lost her job as a minister and almost her life (attempted suicide). But through the grace of God, Kris was able to put her life back together and now she is helping others do the same. In this inspiring book, she offers 12 steps for improving your relationship with God. She points out that everyone has aspects of their lives that need healing and redemption. But change can only come when we put out “our trash” and give ourselves to God. He forgives and His mercy and grace can help us put our lives back together.

This book helps those that have made mistakes and don't know how to step forward to change those mistakes. The biggest mistake was trying to end her life. Kris is thankful that god intervened and spared her life in spite of her own actions to end it. Now she lives to tell what God has done in her life to change the way she was thinking and how she was functioning before her mistake.

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Come, Holy Spirit

Laughter Is Good Medicine!

Walking In The Wilderness of Offense

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