Now Women


This is a powerful message Pastor Kris Preached on Mother's Day 2013. It is a NOW word for all women of all ages. We as women are called to be women of purpose. this call has been given directly by God.

In this teaching you will be empowered to be all that God created you to be. Throughout history women have felt "less then" and have been treated as such. It is time for godly women to rise up and change their world for the glory of God.

Women have a great influence in this world. they have influence with their family, work, church, and community. Women have nothing to fear from the devil, but he has reason to fear women. Why? We have Christ living in us and He will crush the enemy's head! We win! It is because in this "now" season, God is calling WOMEN to rise up as "NOW" women and help usher in the new thing God is going.

Order this DVD today and be changed from the inside out!

Beyond Brokenness 2 DVD SET


Kris spoke at a Women's Conference in Roseburg, Oregon. The theme of the conference was from her newest CD, "Brokenness" and how God brings us out of brokenness into wholeness. In this captivating video Kris gives her testimony the first session, she speaks on brokenness the second session, and wholeness the third session. Kris is candid and shares from her heart what lead up to writing her book, "The Garbage man Always Comes On Fridays." You will laugh, cry, and truly be changed after watching this inspirational DVD.


New Beginnings Call For New Mindsets DVD


There is more to this Christian life here on earth then what we are settling for. We have to let the past go! What happened there is done and over. Your past is not at all as important as your future. god has a new beginning for you. New means nothing old. Old mindsets can limit us. In this powerful DVD you will find the tools to help you walk in the new God has for you.  Kris takes a look at the Israelites and how their behavior and fear prevented most of them from obtaining the promised land god had waiting for them. Why is it human nature to become fearful of being overcome then to have the faith to believe you can overcome something?... OLD MINDSETS!


Overcome Or Be Overcome DVD





How much trash do you have in your spiritual garbage can? Is it overcoming your everyday life? Do you struggle with un-forgiveness or rejection? In this timely DVD Pastor Kris Belfils shares how we can overcome the things in our lives that try to overcome us. You will be challenged, encouraged, and transformed watching this video.


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